The Youth Ministry of the Southside Church of Christ seeks to enrich the whole child which involves participation in various activities such as:

Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes (L2L) - This year round program primarily provides leadership training as it relates to conducting the worship service and leading ladies program.  The L2L program also guides in developing our youth on how to be good stewards and become godly young men and women.

Youth Conferences and Workshops - The Florida State Youth for Christ Conference provides spiritual edification and fellowship.  SonQuest is a spirtually energizing event for middle and high school students.

Youth Sunday - On a monthly basis, the Fourth Sunday is recognized as Youth Sunday.  Our Youth lead worship services.  Community service and fellowship events are also engaged in as part of the Youth Sunday activities.

Academic Recognition - Each semester, we acknowledge and award our youth for honor roll excellence.  The work of the Youth Ministry is further supplemented by bible classes and Vacation Bible School facilitated by our Education Ministry.


Youth Sunday Activities - Every 4th Sunday

On youth Sundays, our youth actively participates in leading the worship.   A total of nine activities have been planned for 2017.  These activities will include community service, Fellowship, and varied field trips geared to meet the needs of our youth.

POC:  Reggie Moses, 321-626-9254; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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