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7:00 PM

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Prayer List

Jacquie Alexander (Aunt)

Felicia (Jarius) Adams

Lisa Dupree

Janae (Jamal) Harris: Father

Jacquie Alexander: Father

Reginald (Ursula) Moses: Grandmother

Shamoyia (Keith) Hadley: Uncle

Marvin (Pam) McGee: Brother

Clarence (Edrina) Wilson: Cousin

Family of Marvin Lewis

Willie Davis: Brother

Prayer List


We are humbly asking for your prayers. Please join us in praying for hope, healing, and strength for those who are in need. We truly believe in the power of prayer, and we implore you to join us in our commitment to pray for those in need.

Tutti Davenport

Daughter of Valerie Jefferson

Vernon Conaway

Johnalyn Cain

Minnie Leonard

Sis. Israel (Mother of Sharon Crumity)

Sharon Nickyson-Fuda

Melanie Williams: Sister

Diana Campbell

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Bible Study - Book of Romans


Tuesday Ladies Call

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Community Corner

At Southside Church of Christ, YAMS embraces the spirit of community and the transformative power of giving back. As we eagerly prepare for our upcoming 2024 back-to-school giveaway, we extend a warm invitation for you to be a part of this meaningful endeavor. YAMS has curated a list of essential items ready for donations, or you can reach out to Bro. Jared Vinson for monetary contributions. Reflecting on the impact of last year's giveaway, which touched the lives of 500 school community children, including those within our congregation, we are reminded of the profound difference we can make when we unite in generosity. Your participation, whether through contributions or lending a helping hand, not only provides vital support to those in need but also nurtures personal growth and spiritual enrichment within our church family. Your support, in any form, is deeply appreciated as we continue to sow seeds of love and compassion in our community. Together, let's create a ripple effect of kindness and care.



With the cold season just around the corner, it's important to take all necessary precautions to stay healthy and protected. And that means getting your Covid updated booster, RSV, and Flu Vaccine.

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Our mission is to leave a footprint in our community, follow the blueprint which is the Bible, and keep our commitment to God and Southside Church of Christ.


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