Visionary, Dr. Jerome L. Adams

Visionary, Dr. Jerome L. Adams
Elder Emeritus
Born: April 29, 1949
Awaken into Eternal Life: April 9, 2014

Dr. Jerome Adams was blessed to be parented and loved by two Christians; the late Elder & Mrs. Leroy and Ruby Adams. He was baptized at an early age. Though he was blessed with many accomplishments, he realized that all his accomplishments and success were because of God’s blessings and answered prayers.

For many years, Bro. Adams had a vision and prayed for God’s people to have an inviting place to worship that was filled with spiritual teaching from the Lord, songs of praise, love for Jesus and one another with everyone striving to save souls.

Unfortunate circumstance arose that made it clear his vision would not be realized at the congregation where he worshiped at that time. After leaving there, Brother Adams quickly understood that God was leading him in a direction that would ultimately end in his prayers being answered. In this process Brother Adams encountered many obstacles including personal criticism, condemnation and accusations. At times, he found these to be unbearable. BUT he persevered and remained determined. He sought advice and counsel from ministers and other elders from across the brotherhood. One of the ministers he encountered was Brother Wesley T. Leonard who was supportive, encouraging and a great blessing.

In 1998 under his leadership along with his wife, children and 8 faithful members who shared his vision, Southside church of Christ was established. Initially the group met mostly at schools until once again Brother Adams, the visionary, led the effort to erect an inviting worship facility in 2005. He will be remembered by many for his visionary leadership and his willingness to do God’s will even in the face criticism. His legacy to Southside members now and for generations to come is an example of faith that allows God to use you to bring His plans to fruition.

Although extremely dedicated to his profession, he was even more dedicated to Christ and His Church as a Christian man. Brother Adams served as an Elder at the Southside Church of Christ and Westmoreland Drive Church of Christ. His greatest joy was worshiping God and serving the people of these congregations.  He hardly ever or never missed a worship service; though many times he had to leave to answer a call, and he often arrived still wearing surgical scrubs. He was a Sunday School Teacher, Wednesday Night Bible Class Teacher and was a Worship Service Song Leader. Brother Adams was known to be hospitable, freely giving of his time and resources to church fellowship activities. He will be remembered by many for his visionary leadership contribution in the establishment (1998) of the congregation which worships at the Southside Church of Christ and to the erection Southside’s worship facility in 2005.

Bro. Adams loved this congregation with all of his heart. He was faithful and remained steadfast in his walk with God as long as God blessed him with strength and understanding. He loved Southside not because he was instrumental in its establishment, but because he truly believed it was GOD’S WILL; his ANSWERED PRAYER.

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